xhorizon: Explicitly computing Penrose diagrams in general relativity.

A Python package.

Finally gave the package a makeover and updated to Python 3!
The new documentation is still under construction…
but there is now an ever expanding tutorial!
(Check docs version “latest” for updates.)

Requests for info/specific tutorial updates welcomed, send to jcschindler01 at gmail.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

A Python package. To install:

pip install xhorizon
To start using the tools, try the Tutorial.
You can also check the Gallery for ideas and keep an eye out for example scripts.

Background Theory

JC Schindler, A Aguirre. Algorithms for the explicit computation of Penrose diagrams. Class Quantum Grav 35 105019 (2018). doi:10.1088/1361-6382/aabce2. [arxiv:1802.02263.]